MDMIModel Driven Message Interoperability (conference)
MDMIMassimo da Milano, Inc. (Texas)
MDMIMonodisperse Dried Microparticulate Injector
MDMIMatthew David Miller Investments (Milton, MA)
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UTI Corporation through its wholly owned subsidiary MDMI provides fully integrated contract manufacturing and design services to medical device manufacturers in the cardiology, endoscopy and orthopedic markets.
BK Thadani, Vice-Chairman, MDMI and Special Officer, NSCB in his welcome address spoke highly of Dr.
Initial participants in the MDMI Consortium include FireStar Software, HSBC and SWIFT, with others expected to join soon.
By automating interoperability between disparate systems, MDMI improves communications, helps reduce errors and provides a way to address future business changes.
SWIFT sees potential value in the MDMI standard and seeks further confirmation of what it can bring to the SWIFT community.
Soley will be giving a presentation on MDMI and the MDMI Consortium on Wednesday, September 17 at the Sibos Exhibition in Vienna, Austria, as part of the Standards Forum.
The Company has retained MDMI to provide a broad range of regulatory, clinical and engineering services on a cost-plus basis together with the issuance of up to 1,000,000 common shares of GBPMF with a non-dilution provision.
Proven Technology: MDMI has developed the Thermablate, a minimally invasive endometrial ablation device (2 minutes, 8 seconds, treatment time) used to treat excessive uterine bleeding, a condition that afflicts millions of women worldwide.
In order to strengthen and diversify its platform, the Company has entered into a "Consortium Letter of Understanding", executed with Global Medical Sciences Limited (Barbados), MDMI Technologies Inc.
MDMI has worldwide industry experience in device design, manufacturing, distribution and operational systems.
MDMI Technologies (the Company's Canadian-based collaborative contract partner), will coordinate the trials which will be monitored by a selected international clinical research organization.