MDMMMultimedia Data Mining and Management
MDMMMonocyte-Derived Macrophage Monolayer
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While an MDMM is a sound option for addressing many of the technical requirements of your PDA integration strategy, it's only a start.
It's important to note that these products don't replace your MDMM; you'll still want it for wide-scale, generic PDA synchronization.
If you're feeling a little swamped trying to get a handle on the PDAs on your network, a good MDMM solution will help you structure and automate information distribution and manage a diverse PDA pool.
Products from Aether Systems, Extended Systems, Pumatech, Synchrologic, and XcelleNet are all solid MDMM solutions.
MDMMs also support wireless and/or wired connectivity within your network.
There are two major tasks in MDMM: the first is to select the practical decision style suitable to the concerns and qualifies of participants: those styles can be autocratic, consultative, group sharing, delagative, and so forth.
While WSR emphasises the distinctions among different spheres of human life and among dimensions of systems projects, other OSMs apply the differentiation idea into other aspects: Wang's (1995) MDMM differentiates decisionmaking into primary decision-making and meta decision-making; Li and Zheng's (1995) GSM differentiates problem-solving processes into problem-discovering-and-forming, problem-exploring-and-demonstrating, and problem-solving categories; Yang and He's (1996) work on SSM differentiates soft problems into HSPs and RSPs.