MDMRMississippi Department of Marine Resources
MDMRMedical Device Market Research, LLC (Texas)
MDMRMinistry of Disaster Management and Relief (various nations)
MDMRmulti dimensional mobility robot (US DARPA program)
MDMRM-Day Materiel Requirement
MDMRMeter Data Management Repository
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5) Compartmentalization of shrimp fisheries management jurisdic tion2 among the GMFMC, TPWD, LDWF, MDMR, ADCNR, and FFWCC (Caillouet et al.
LD MMR MDMR E/BD n = 24 n = 26 n = 24 n = 20 Component No.
Note: LD = learning disabilities; MMR = mild mental retardation; MDMR = moderate mental retardation; E/BD = emotional/behavioral disorders.
2% for students labeled MDMR to 35% for students labeled E/BD.
A series of chi-square analyses was conducted to investigate the relationship between category of disability (LD, MMR, MDMR, and E/BD) and various transition planning components.
Postsecondary goals appeared in students' plans in the LD, E/BD, and MMR categories an average of 9 times, whereas only 1 student classified MDMR had a postsecondary education goal listed on the transition component.
05); all these team members were significantly more involved in the development of transition components for students labeled MDMR.
05); students with LD and those with E/BD were more likely to receive a diploma, whereas students with MMR and those with MDMR were more likely to receive a certificate of attendance.