MDMRMississippi Department of Marine Resources
MDMRMedical Device Market Research, LLC (Texas)
MDMRMinistry of Disaster Management and Relief (various nations)
MDMRMeter Data Management Repository
MDMRmulti dimensional mobility robot (US DARPA program)
MDMRM-Day Materiel Requirement
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The main contribution of this paper is summarized as follows: (1) a joint destination-relay selection and antenna mode selection scheme is proposed for the MDMR system.
In this paper, we consider a MDMR system, as shown in Fig.
5) Compartmentalization of shrimp fisheries management jurisdic tion2 among the GMFMC, TPWD, LDWF, MDMR, ADCNR, and FFWCC (Caillouet et al., 2008).
Table 2 LD MMR MDMR E/BD n = 24 n = 26 n = 24 n = 20 Component No.
Note: LD = learning disabilities; MMR = mild mental retardation; MDMR = moderate mental retardation; E/BD = emotional/behavioral disorders.
TABLE 3 School Interdisciplinary Team Involvement in Developing Transition Component LD MMR MDMR n = 24 n = 26 n = 24 Team Member No.
Vocational rehabilitation personnel were involved in a total of 17 (18.1%) plans: 20.8% for students labeled as LD, 15.4% for students labeled as MMR, 8.3% for students labeled as MDMR, and 30.0% for students labeled as E/BD.
The ITP meeting took place most often during the annual review (87.2%), though there were four (4.3%; 1 LD, 2 MMR, and 1 MDMR) instances of the transition meeting not occurring.
Integration opportunity by category indicated school opportunities ranged from 30% for students labeled as E/BD to 79.2% for students labeled as MDMR. Integration opportunities at the student's workplace ranged from 4.2% for students labeled MDMR to 35% for students labeled E/BD.
A series of chi-square analyses was conducted to investigate the relationship between category of disability (LD, MMR, MDMR, and E/BD) and various transition planning components.
Postsecondary goals appeared in students' plans in the LD, E/BD, and MMR categories an average of 9 times, whereas only 1 student classified MDMR had a postsecondary education goal listed on the transition component.