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The account is well documented in Zhwa sgab pa's Srid don rgyal rabs, (35) Slob dpon Nag mdog's Brug dkar po (36) and Slob dpon Padma tse dbang's 'Brug gsal ba'i sgron me.
A Catalogue of the Phug brag manuscript Kanjur, LTWA 1992 Slob dpon Nag mdog. 'Brug dkar po, Bhutan 1986
rdo rje kun gsal ma/ sku mdog snar mo na bza' gtsos gsol/ rta sngon po la bcibs/ lha ri g.ya' ma skyol zhes kyang bgyi//
rdo rje ye shes mchog/ sku mdog snar mo na bza' sna tshogs gsol/ /mdzo mo sprul te bcibs / brda' la btsan mo zhes bgyi/
Kelly Buccellati ("Ein hurritischer Gang in die Unterwelt," MDOG 132 [2000]: 131-48).
This view was also maintained at one time by Mkhas grub, and already had its express adherents in, for example, 'U yug pa and Chos kyi rgyal mtshan.(75) The application of the vastubalapravrttanumana and the ontological shifts inherent in the atyantaparoksa-paroksa substitution in the Pramanasiddhi chapter, in which Dharmakirti articulates these "major Buddhist doctrinal and metaphysical views," became major points of contention in the fifteenth century, and were rigorously argued against by a host of philosophers, including inter alia Gser mdog Pan chen, whose primary target was of course Rgyal tshab,(76) as well as, it appears, another contemporary of Tsong kha pa himself.
Van der Kuijp has located two Mongol blockprints (hor sp/par ma) of the Tshad ma rigs pa'i gter, both of which verify the reading reported in the commentaries of both Go rams pa Bsod nams seng ge (1429-89) and Gser mdog pan chen Sakya mchog ldan (1428-1507) that classifies these prasangas into four of similar type and fourteen of dissimilar type (van der Kuijp, "Two Mongol Xylographs (hor par ma) of the Tibetan Text of the Sa skya Pandita's Work on Buddhist Logic and Epistemology," JIABS 16.2 [1993]: 60-79).
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