MDOKMadin-Darby Ovine Kidney
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Part i - development and technical support of the mdok system, 2 part ii - development and technical support of the ksat2000i system for asa, Rs, Org, Ckk, Ewd, Ek, Pl, Bud, Bud, Spr, Cru, Maj, Dm, Kg, Nz, Gmm, Pod, Gmk, Fa, Ia, Doe, Including: Part 3 - development and technical assistance of the ksat2000i system in the scope of the gop module part 4 - technical support of mdok system integration with epuap 5 part v - implementation of modules bud, Bud, Spr, Cru, Kg, Fa, Nz, Maj ksat2000i system in social care units of the commune of lublin.
Determining the object and the size or scope of the contract: Technical assistance KSAT systems and MDOK - IVczesci, ie .
6 Episode VI - Purchase additional licenses to Mdok - to 35 users.