MDOLMaine Department of Labor
MDOLMontana Department of Livestock (Helena, MT)
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Eric Liska, Brucellosis Program Veterinarian for MDOL, will be discussing the expansion and enforcement of the vaccination rule along with general information about Montanas DSA.
In 1995, the USFS, other federal agencies, and MDOL formulated an Interim Bison Management Plan to safeguard Montana livestock from brucellosis, a disease carried by the wild bison within and around Yellowstone National Park.
Cold Mountain sued MDOL, USFS, and other federal defendants, alleging violation of the terms of the permit's restrictions on helicopter hazing activities, resulting in a take of protected bald eagles in violation of the ESA.
Vaccination in a broader area than Montanas DSA provides some protection from sudden changes to the distribution of infected wildlife on the landscape, said Eric Liska, brucellosis program veterinarian with MDOL. Vaccination has been shown to minimize the spread of the disease if it is introduced into a livestock herd.
The Maine Department of Labor (MDOL) has a requirement for Printing and Mailing services to support the Department.