MDORMassachusetts Department of Revenue
MDORMinnesota Department of Revenue
MDORMissouri Department of Revenue
mDORMouse Delta-Opioid Receptor (gene)
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Creating a results-based environment has guided MDOR employees to focus on quality and has encouraged them to take the next step in resolving tax-related issues.
MDOR has sought ways to enhance processes, uncovering compliance areas where shifts are required to better-position the department for the future.
When MDOR began analyzing its processes in 2007, the focus was on one of its most crucial compliance units, the Collection Division.
Assets can be used as a collection tool; MDOR can seize the identified assets as a way to resolve the delinquent debt.
In MDOR collections, all incoming calls are identified as potential payment.
Prior to this change, MDOR was required to limit billing notifications to 100 per week, as the division was staffed to handle only the amount of potential phone calls that would be produced by a mailing of this size.
In 2007, MDOR implemented automated wage and bank levies.
Customers now have the means to make payments and file their taxes electronically through the MDOR Website.
During the tax-processing season after the implementation of the forms processing system, MDOR processed roughly 3 million income tax forms and had its best tax-processing season ever, as measured by its earliest finished date on record.