MDORMassachusetts Department of Revenue
MDORMinnesota Department of Revenue
MDORMissouri Department of Revenue
MDORMouse Delta-Opioid Receptor (gene)
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MDOR has consistently invested in human capital--quality employees with the competencies, knowledge, and abilities that allow a workforce to deliver valuable service.
By shifting workforce and budget, MDOR has effectively created an institution that is flexible and prepared for changing demands.
MDOR needed technology to improve the management of the information collected, produced and stored.
After the tax forms arrive at MDOR and are scanned, FormWare accomplishes the majority of the processing by capturing the original document, "reading" the data on the form via optical character recognition (OCR) technology, extracting the important data and exporting it into the system.
Dpal gsang ba 'dus pa'i rab gnas kyi cho ga mdor bsdus, f.2).
Buddhist consecration was first known to Tibet through the translation of Tantric scriptures and liturgical works of Indian masters, all made possible through the collaboration of at least one Indian Pandita and one Tibetan translator, the earliest including Vajrapani and Maben Choebar (Dpal 'khor lo sdom pa'i rab gnas); Krishna Pandita and Goe Khugpa Lhatse (Rab gnas kyi cho ga'i tshul); Kanakavarman and Patsab Nyima Drakpa (Rab gnas kyi cho ga mdor bsdus pa); Kashmir Pandita Jnana-vajra, Dro Sherab Drakpa (Rab tu gnas pa mdor bsdus pa'i rgyud) and a few others.
The verb tables that form part of the concluding remarks of Gser tog pa V Blo bzang tshul khrims rgya mtsho's (1845-1915) study of indigenous Tibetan grammar (1891) omit rnyed, but do have an entry for the uninflecting brnyes; see Bod kyi brda['] sprod pa sum cu pa dang rtags kyi [jug pa'i mchan 'grel mdor bsdus te brjod pa ngo mtshar 'phrul gyi lde mig (Beijing: Mi rigs dpe skrun khang, 1957), 203.
Kha rag gNyos kyi gdung rabs: Anonymous, Kha rag gNyos kyi rgyudpa byon tshul mdor bsdus, handcopy by bKra shis tshe ring after an original in the library of 'Ba' nyag A teng gDan sa pa.
(2) dBus gtsang gi gnas rten rags rim gyi mtshan byang mdor bsdus Dad pa'i sa bon, sDe dge blockprint f.25v: 'Going down from dGa' gdong, on a hilltop in lower sTod lung is dNgos grub sdings, a small meditation chamber of the hail-guardians.
(33.) Wang Pu Ren and Chen Qing Ying, Bod sog 'brel ba'i skor gyi lo rgyus mdor bsdus.
rTsom pa po rdza dpal sprul rin po che'i ream Char mdor bsdus.