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MDOSMedical Operations Squadron
MDOSMichigan Department of State
MDOSMego Direct Order Service (music equipment)
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MDOs with an integrated spectrum analyzer represent a significant advance compared to oscilloscope-based FFTs.
But how does an MDO achieve these improvements compared to typical FFT algorithms on oscilloscopes?
An MDO avoids the limitations of scope FFT by incorporating a modern spectrum analyzer to provide much improved spectral fidelity and usability.
The integrated spectrum analyzer of an MDO has a dedicated pathway and input for the spectrum analyzer as shown in Figure 1, providing the required performance for typical RF signals without requiring the traditional oscilloscope channels to equal that performance.
In a typical MDO system, the pulling and stretching effect of orientation results in thick spots forming on the film edges, which must be trimmed, and thin spots in the middle.
With the TRIO, a second thickness gauge mounted after the MDO station is linked to the auto air ring to help pinpoint where the film edges will eventually wind up and thereby thin out the thick spots before they form.
As an instrument for tracking down sources of noise or interference, the MDOs analyze the cause of radiated or coupled emissions, measure switch-mode power supply effects on the rest of the system, and examine spurious noise sources in correlation with time-domain signals.
MDOs are standard equipment on the front end of biaxially oriented film extrusion lines for PP, PET, and PS.
Christie says his company has supplied eight MDOs in North America - six for cast film, two for blown.
Processors that have bought these units say MDOs are responsible for impressive improvements in both yield and properties.
For blown or cast film, MDOs can be positioned either off line or in line right before the winder.