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MDOSMedical Operations Squadron
MDOSMichigan Department of State
MDOSMego Direct Order Service (music equipment)
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Cooley,Air Force Drug Demand Reduction Program Consultant, 81 MDOS, Keesler Air Force Base, Mississippi, e-mail--Subject: Smart Testing, 1 December 2008.
The Multiuser DOS Federation (MDOS), formed in July, promotes growth and acceptance of MDOS solutions--making it possible for work-groups to run DOS applications from a shared 80286, 386 or 486 computer.
The teaming approach is further amplified by Col Twilley, 509 MDG/CC, and her 509 MDOS Human Performance Training Team, whose initiatives, along with inputs from Unit Safety Reps and staff physiologists, helped bring forward the ACC Driver Alert Initiative now taught by HPTT Instructors at FTAC and brilliantly expanded the program to include other avenues of exposure to include spouses of deployed members.