MDPBModel Driven Pattern Based
MDPBMarrow Donor Program Belgium
MDPBMedical and Dental Professions Board (South Africa)
MDPBMongolian Democratic Party of Believers
MDPBMichigan Damage Prevention Board
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McCabe, "Incorporation of antibacterial monomer MDPB into dentin primer," Journal of Dental Research, vol.
Izindaba is aware of several cases of HPCSA administrative clerks committing fraud or submitting false documentation to the MDPB's foreign qualifications vetting committee--in one foreign neurosurgeon's case, the committee chaired by Mayosi himself.
A recent example is the MDPB's recommendation to add options for the MISS DIG positive response system.
Upon hearing of this, the Stellenbosch medical faculty (in an unprecedented step) revoked Basson's teaching rights on 4 November 2014, a full 11 months after the MDPB guilty finding--his tutelage reportedly having rendered several students 'acutely uncomfortable'.
These required a third person on her committee to be registered with the MDPB and to be in the same discipline as Noakes.
The MDPB (one of the many HPCSA boards) committee last year found Basson guilty of unprofessional conduct, saying that he 'defiled the unique and sacred position of doctors' by actively furthering warfare via the production, distribution and use of teargas and drugs against the apartheid regime's enemies some 30 years ago.
In a tangentially related controversy, he confirmed that SAMA was consulting lawyers about the Medical and Dental Professions Board (MDPB) (one of 12 under the HPCSA umbrella) breaking away from the HPCSA.
Of Katumba's official registration as a neurosurgeon, the HPCSA's Acting Registrar and CEO, Dr Kgosi Letlape, told Izindaba that Katumba 'received assistance, either due to incompetence or he reached people; all we know is the board (Medical and Dental Professions Board (MDPB), which the PGETC serves) was given false information'.
She said these had been drafted and sent to the Medical and Dental Professions Board (MDPB) for input--meaning they will only be ready 'in a couple of months'.
The Medical and Dental Professions Board (MDPB) has up to five times the registered membership of the 11 other HPCSA disciplines (50 000 versus between 4 and 10 000 members per board).
He said the preliminary enquiry committee appointed by the Medical and Dental Professions Board (MDPB) would look at all the evidence presented, including any interactions with the national minister and the relevant MEC, plus any alleged wrongdoing on the part of government.
He quoted Tucker's (successful) affidavit applying to be reinstated on the Medical and Dental Professions Board (MDPB) doctors' register in which he merely stated: 'I have been advised that in order to be re-admitted I have to apologise.