MDPEMedium Density Polyethylene
MDPEMobile Dual-Phase Extraction (technique for environmental cleaning)
MDPEMobile Dual-Phase Extraction (USA)
MDPEMaster Data Parity Error
MDPEMaximum Permissible Dose Equivalent
MDPEDepartment of Mechanical Design and Production Engineering (Konkuk University; South Korea)
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10-12 show the dispersion analysis of the [Mg(OH).sub.2] filler particles within the MDPE matrix.
NCPE 8113 MDPE Sky blue 3.2 934 NCPE 8628 MDPE Black 3.2 935 NCPE 8644 MDPE Emerald 8.0 935 NCPE 8644 MDPE Beige 8.0 935 NCPE 8605 MDPE Black 8.0 935
For example, a 315-mm diameter MDPE pipe with a wall thickness of about 30 mm will spend approximately two hours on the cooling line, and for just over the first hour polymer near the pipe bore will remain molten.
This paper presents data relating to the chain structure and morphology of molar mass fractions of a second generation MDPE used for gas pipes.
Called TopReach, the lightweight aluminum tool provides fast, safe bubble-tight squeeze off of both MDPE and HDPE pipe from ground level.
In a previous paper on the thermal oxidation of pipes of stabilized medium density polyethylene (MDPE), Karlsson, et al.
Battelle studied injection molding of MDPE onto a preformed nylon 66 or nylon 12 insert, and vice versa.
The light-weight aluminum TopReach[TM] tools provide fast, safe, bubble tight squeeze-off of both MDPE and HDPE pipe from ground level.
During the 2000 construction season Schuler chose a 295-foot section of main line to be replaced with 6-inch Medium Density Polyethylene Pipe (MDPE) through pipe bursting.