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No significant interaction was observed between the type of meat (lamb or mutton) and the levels of meat replacement by MDPM for any sausage characteristic.
Although all elaborated samples were within the limits established by the Brazilian legislation [21] for moisture (maximum of 65%) and fat (maximum of 30%) content, the minimum amount of 12% of protein was not achieved in the mortadella's with MDPM added.
Regarding to the calcium content, all samples were in accordance with Brazilian legislation [21], which allows 0.6% and 0.9% on a dry basis as maximum limits for mortadella's with 40% and 60% of MDPM added, respectively.
The water activity (Aw = 0.97 [+ or -] 0.01), pH (6.43 [+ or -] 0.16), and TBARS values (0.63 [+ or -] 0.28 mg MDA/kg) of the mortadella were not (p>0.05) affected by any of the evaluated factors (meat type and MDPM levels), being similar to those (Aw = 0.97; pH = 6.29; and TBARS = 0.50 mg MDA/kg) observed by Dutra et al [4] in cooked ham-type pate elaborated with mutton.
Table 4 shows the color and texture characteristics of sheep sausages prepared with different levels of MDPM. No significant interaction was observed between the type of sheep meat and MDPM levels for both characteristics.
The substitution of sheep meat with MDPM did not significantly affect the Commission Internationale de l'Eclairage (CIE) color indexes of the products (Table 4).
For the texture parameters, replacements above 30% of sheep meat by MDPM in the sausages formulations reduced (p<0.05) the hardness and chewiness of the products without affecting other attributes (Table 4).
Samples without MDPM (L0 and M0) were less preferred and placed into two separate groups.
For the acceptance test by IPM, the spatial separation of the overall impression attribute resulted in group of samples different from those observed in PARAFAC plot: samples with 30% replacement of meat by MDPM (L30 and M30) were the most preferred, followed by samples M0 and L60 grouped together, by M60 sample and at last preferred L0.
First, the spatial separation of the samples with MDPM added (L30, L60, M30, and M60) could be grouped together against sausages with only sheep meat (L0 and M0).
The Proposed Behavioural Framework from an MDPm Perspective.
The optimal subjective strategy can be considered as the solution of a simplified MDPm with approximate transition probabilities and approximate expected rewards.