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When contacted, Chairman MDPT Khawaja Mohammad Faazil said non-functional members of the MDPT had been identified and they would no more be part of the MDPT if they continued to remain absent from scheduled meetings.
The MDPT was developed by PII Pipeline Solutions, a business unit of GE Oil & Gas.
Vulcanization behavior was quantified on a Tech Pro MDPT moving die rheometer (MDR) according to ASTM D 5289.
A more detailed set of tests on the uncured compound and the cured compound was conducted on the rheoTECH MDPT, dynamic mechanical rheological tester (DMRT).
This company recently introduced a program for its rheoTech MDPT which incorporates Event Driven Testing.
The rheoTech MDPT is a DMRT designed for making viscoelastic measurements of polymers.