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MDR-TBMulti-Drug Resistant Tuberculosis
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A total of 100 acid-fast bacilli (AFB) Smear positive specimens of MDR-TB suspects who were rifampicin resistant by GeneXpert were collected from out patients and inpatients Department of Chest Medicine, Mayo Hospital Lahore.
As such, Akonni is committed to commercialising a POC MDR-TB diagnostic that offers the sensitivity of culture methods, specificity of nucleic acid methods, and a broad coverage of clinically relevant mutations, at a fraction of the cost of existing molecular methods.
Also the fact that we will be able to generate greater momentum about the provision for MDR-TB is going to be very important for WHO End TB Strategy.
All other children who were diagnosed with ESOA TB on clinical grounds and treated with the standard protocol for ESOA TB were excluded, as the main aim of the study was to review children with ESOA MDR-TB.
At the World Health Assembly, May 2009, most WHO member states have committed to achieving universal access to diagnosis and treatment of MDR-TB by the year 2015.
DR-TB patients who were declared cured or treatment completed by MDR-TB physician at PMDT sites of Punjab and expired due to tuberculosis were considered as outcome variable.
The study aimed to disseminate the profile of adverse drug reactions (ADRs) in MDR-TB patients under DOTS-plus therapy for early diagnosis and immediate action for further improving the compliance to MDT and complete cure of TB.
WHO's recommendations on the shorter regimens are based on initial programmatic studies involving 1200 patients with uncomplicated MDR-TB in 10 countries[1].
In the Philippines, the public health burden is particularly prevalent, with an estimated 11,000 Filipinos infected with MDR-TB.
Bedaquiline is a diarylquinoline antimycobacterial drug indicated as part of a combination therapy in adults (18 years or older) with pulmonary MDR-TB (a form of TB that is characterized by resistance to at least two of the four most powerful medicines in today's standard treatment regimen).
While males predominate among TB cases in the World, an association between genders with MDR-TB has been controversial.