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MDRAMMultibank Dynamic Ram
MDRAMMultibank Dynamic Random Access Memory
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As part of the agreement MOSYS has licensed Rambus interface technology for use in a broad range of MOSYS products including its MDRAM family.
Updated BIOS and Drivers/New MDRAM technologies enable OEM customers to provide 1024x768 resolution at 16.
The Jazz G-FORCE/128 incorporates the industry's first 128-bit dual channel graphics engine with extended-performance synchronous MDRAM for ultra-high performance with extremely short latency, and the potential to achieve bandwidths up to 1 gigabyte-per-second.
The LIGHTSPEED 128 Windows and multimedia accelerator combines a true 128-bit graphics engine with advanced Multibank MDRAM memory technology to give PC users the ultimate in graphics performance for today's most demanding graphics and video applications.
However, as graphics technology moves toward more exotic types of memory such as MDRAM, WRAM, High Speed EDO VRAM, SGRAM, and Synchronous DRAM, no assurances can be given that these conditions will continue.