MDRIMental Disability Rights International
MDRIMultilateral Debt Relief Initiative (International Monetary Fund)
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The third-biggest beneficiary of the MDRI programme, Uganda consolidated its credentials through strong growth and fiscal prudence; its laissez-faire economic management drew in foreign investors.
To verify the effect of DOX on MDRI expression, MG-63 cells were treated with DOX to detect MDR1 mRNA level at each time point.
In terms of premiums written, we think that the entire insurance sector is only about one third of the size envisaged by the architects of the MDRI.
Due to the outdated MDRIs (12) typically used for military personnel, energy was compared to the Department of Agriculture's dietary guidelines (20) for Americans' estimated energy intake for males and females aged 18 to 25 years with a moderate physical activity level.
The HIPC Initiatives and the MDRI both recognize the two major sovereign credit suppliers, the World Bank and the IMF, both have certain obligations built into their Articles of Agreement to support member nations burdened by debt.
Drugs that are known to affect or may affect dogs with the MDRI mutation include some used to treat cancer, pain, parasites, bacterial infections, diarrhea, vomiting, and anxiety, as well as preanesthetic drugs.
Full delivery of debt relief (HIPC Initiative, MDRI, and additional bilateral assistance at the completion point) will considerably reduce the debt burden of Guinea.
In the two years immediately following MDRI (2006 and 2007), the World Bank, [African Development Bank (AfDB)], and IMF disbursed $7.
Un factor importante que determina la quimiosensibilidad del tumor es su expresion de la p-glucoproteina producida por el gen MDRI, que actua mediando la resistencia a numerosos farmacos.
We identified what we consider to be torture--children tied down to bed; a man who was in bed for 11 years," Eric Rosenthal, executive director of Mental Disability Rights International, MDRI, tells me.
Current projections show that once all 40 HIPCs reach the completion point, the MDRI will result in the cancellation of $48 billion over the life of the loans and that the HIPC initiative will provide approximately $98 billion in relief.