MDRMMicro Data Reference Manual (US Federal Reserve Board)
MDRMMobile Digital Rights Management
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MDRM emphasized the transcendent qualities of motherhood.
A coalition of women's pacifist groups, including Women Strike for Peace and MDRM, organized the march under the umbrella of the Jeanette Rankin Brigade, named in honor of the former congresswoman who was the only member of Congress to vote against both World War I and World War II.
This approach is based on the definition of MDRM of MBM model stated earlier.
V-agent approach works on MDRM definition, which utilizes results from master agents to slave agents coordination tasks in message broadcast handler.
With offices in Israel and Sunnyvale, MDRM was founded in 2002 by CEO Dan Harkabi and CTO Gidi Elazar, both pioneers in developing the USB flash drive category, a portable device that has large memory capacities and attaches to the USB port of a personal computer.
MDRM has been renamed SanDisk Secure Content Solutions and will continue to promote BookLocker with other partners through the U.