MDRPMedicaid Drug Rebate Program
MDRPMulti-Country Demobilization and Reintegration Program (Africa)
MDRPMood Disorders Research Program (Yale University)
MDRPMongolian Democratic Renaissance Party
MDRPMotor-Driven Rotary Prism
MDRPMac DVD (Digital Versatile Disc) Ripper Pro (software)
MDRPMinistère du Développement Rural et de la Pêche (French: Ministry of Rural Development and Fishing)
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(10.) "MDRP Final Report: Overview of program achievements," report for Multi-Country Demobilisation and Reintegration (Washington, DC: World Bank, 2010).
A study on the effect of the MDRP imposed in 2009 was conducted by the Department of Health and was titled 'The Impact of Cheaper Medicines Act (CMA) on Households in Metro Manila: A Qualitative Study.' Principally written by Dr.
aeruginosa PAO1, and MDRP on MIP-2 expression in 3T3-L1 adipocytes (Figures 5(a) and 5(b)).
The Multistage Data Routing Protocol MDRP [17] enhances AVRP by dividing the Voronoi scope associated with each mobile sink into multiple layers based on the gradient information of sensor nodes, in order to further constrain the scope of local broadcasts.
Inhaled, infused, instilled, implanted and injected drugs (5i drugs) that are not generally dispensed to Retail Community Pharmacies (RCPs, a term that includes most chain drug stores) are not included in the calculation of a FUL, nor are drugs that have been terminated from the MDRP.
buyer." (23) Prior to the MDRP, drug manufacturers had voluntarily
Access - As the MDRP expands to encompass more lives and higher script volumes due to the inclusion of Medicaid Managed Care Organization (MCO) utilization and the expansion of Medicaid rolls, the risk of duplicate MDRP and Medicaid MCO formulary/market share rebate payments grows.
In the DRC, a joint government-UNDP project in the framework of the MDRP has aimed at the creation or reinforcement of local networks and village committees in order to disseminate project information, promote community participation in socio-economic rehabilitation, and increase confidence and peaceful co- existence between communities and ex-combatants (MDRP, 2009).
(56) Due to the complexity of the Congolese war (involving Congolese and foreign armed groups and militias) the Congolese armed groups underwent a DDR process (known as the PNDDR--national DDR programme) co-ordinated by the Commission Nationale pour la Demobilisation et la Reinsertion (CONADER) and jointly financed by the World Bank and a multi-donor trust fund (MDTF) under the umbrella of the Multi-Country Demobilisation and Reintegration Program (MDRP).
THE pharmaceutical industry is groaning over the prospect of government imposing a maximum drug retail price (MDRP) that they said threatens their profits.