MDRPMotor-Driven Rotary Prism
MDRPMinistère du Développement Rural et de la Pêche (French: Ministry of Rural Development and Fishing)
MDRPMongolian Democratic Renaissance Party
MDRPMood Disorders Research Program (Yale University)
MDRPMac DVD (Digital Versatile Disc) Ripper Pro (software)
MDRPMedicaid Drug Rebate Program
MDRPMulti-Country Demobilization and Reintegration Program (Africa)
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Additionally, S-649266 showed potent efficacy against MDRP and MDRA in rat lung infection models recreating human exposure profiles in which 2 g of S-649266 was administered 3 times daily with 1 hour infusion.
After a mid-term evaluation criticized the MDRP for confusing national ownership with government ownership, the program realized that ownership should not mean to give the host government a carte blanche (ibid; Klem & Frerks, 2007: 64-6).
For registration information, visit the MDRP website at http://www.
The 8th annual MDRP EVENT BROCHURE is now available for download at the event website, http://www.