MDRSMars Desert Research Station (Utah)
MDRSMorphologically-Directed Raman Spectroscopy (physics)
MDRSMarconi Digital Radio System
MDRSMidwest Double Reed Society
MDRSMultilingual Distributed Referential System
MDRSMuscular Disability Rating Scale
MDRSMaintenance Data Recording System
MDRSMessage Distribution & Retrieval Subsystem
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The MDRS offers a variety of tools to help operators monitor their compliance with MSHA regulations.
We reiterate that we do not charge any fees for the printing and issuance of PhilHealth ID cards and MDRs," the statement read.
"These types of increases in the MDRs are to be expected and may include past cases that were not previously reported to the FDA," Dr.
The pathogen causing the infection was reported in 137 (12.7%) MDRs. The most commonly mentioned pathogens were, in order of frequency, Pseudomonas (48, 4.5%), Acanthamoeba (34, 3.2%), Fusarium (24, 2.2%), and Staphylococcus species (15, 1.4%).
Since the 24-volt MDRs are only driven when there are goods that need to be transported in a specific zone, the system is quieter, more efficient and requires less maintenance.
The Synectics MDRS PSN features a RAID 6 configuration for protection against dual-drive failure and is designed to record MPEG-encoded video streams from either direct-attached or network-attached video encoders.
The Synectics MDRS PSN, designed to record MPEG-encoded video streams from direct-attached or network-attached video encoders, features a RAID 6 configuration for protection against dual-drive failure.
The agency has been working on an electronic submission program ("eMDR"), currently in a pilot phase, that will offer companies a secure electronic portal to submit MDRs to the agency.
Many medical department representatives (MDR) have heard of a Baseline Industrial Hygiene survey, but how many of you out there know how to utilize it to help you manage your programs?
MDRS is is primarily used for high capacity radio links in those parts of the world were the laying of fibre optic cables is difficult.
MDRS is a point-to-point wireless system for both long-haul and short-haul access, feeder and backhaul applications.