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MDSMaterial Data Sheet
MDSMaster of Dental Surgery
MDSMinimum Data Set
MDSMultidimensional Scaling (statistical technique)
MDSMassachusetts Dental Society
MDSMine (Punch And) Drain Station
MDSMyelodysplastic Syndrome
MDSMulti-Dimensional Scaling (data visualization)
MDSMennonite Disaster Service
MDSMultipoint Distribution Service
MDSMaster Data Services (Microsoft Corp.)
MDSMission Data System
MDSMouvement des Démocrates Socialistes (Movement of Democratic Socialists, Tunisia)
MDSMaximum-Distance Separable
MDSMarket Data Services
MDSMonitoring and Discovery System (Globus Alliance)
MDSMission Design Series
MDSMiller-Dieker Syndrome
MDSMedical Decision Support
MDSManaged Dedicated Server
MDSMinisterio de Desarrollo Social (Spanish)
MDSMinimum Detectable Signal
MDSMedium Deep Survey (Hubble Space Telescope project)
MDSMinimum Discernible Signal
MDSMedical Squadron (US Air Force)
MDSMission Design & Series
MDSMideast Data Systems (Lebanon)
MDSMulti-Dimensional Space
MDSMultilayer Director Switch (Cisco Systems Inc.)
MDSMaintenance Data System
MDSMicrowave Design System
MDSMicroprocessor Development System
MDSMedical Device Software
MDSMail Delivery System
MDSMicrowave Distribution System
MDSMaintenance Diagnostic System
MDSMobility Denial System
MDSMeta Data Service
MDSMeteorological Data System
MDSManpower Data System (Air Force data system used to manage authorizations)
MDSMind Distortion System (music album)
MDSMoravská Demokratická Strana (Moravian Democratic Party; Czech Republic)
MDSModular Decontamination System
MDSMultiple Data Set
MDSMaster Demand Schedule (shipping schedule software)
MDSMount de Sales Academy
MDSMulticast Distributed Switching (Cisco)
MDSMessage Distribution System
MDSModular Design System
MDSMission Distribution System
MDSMalfunction Detection System
MDSManufacturing Design System
MDSMud Dump Site (USACE)
MDSMedical Diagnostic System
MDSMarin Day Schools (California)
MDSMinimum Distance Separation Formulae (land planning tool; Ministry of Agriculture, Food & Rural Affairs; Ontario, Canada)
MDSMOPAR Diagnostic System
MDSMission Data Set
MDSMaster of Dental Sciences (degree; various universities)
MDSMinimum Essential Emergency Communications
MDSMajor Development Site
MDSMassively Distributed Systems
MDSMultifunction Display System
MDSMessage Dissemination Subsystem (USMC)
MDSMultimedia Design Studio
MDSMission Display System
MDSManned Destructive Suppression
MDSMaterial Dominated Scheduling
MDSMemory Disk System
MDSMarchands de Sable
MDSMy Death Space (website)
MDSMaladies Transmises Sexuellement (French: sexually transmitted diseases)
MDSMessage Design System
MDSMottahedeh Development Services (Maryland)
MDSModular Data Systems
MDSMeteoroid Detection Satellite
MDSMountain Data Systems, LLC (Estes Park, CO, USA)
MDSMisce, Da, Signa (Latin abbreviation on drug prescription)
MDSMail Distribution Scheme
MDSMohawk Data Science (Herkimer, New York)
MDSMultilayer Datacenter Switches
MDSMaintenance and Diagnostic Subsystem
MDSMilitary Damage Assessment
MDSMX Distribution Shelf
MDSMagnetic Drum Storage
MDSMonitor Divert System
MDSModule Docking Station
MDSMedia Duplication Services
MDSManagement Dial System (Vadic)
MDSMap Display Server
MDSManna Distribution Services
MDSMad Druids Society
MDSMaster Demarcation System
MDSModular Deck Structure
MDSModular Drawer Stowage
MDSMaster Drawing Schedule
MDSMarket Decision System
MDSMessage Distributing System
MDSMeasurement Debriefing System
MDSMatrix Deployment Support
MDSManaged Delivery Systems
MDSMegchan's Digimon Sekai (website)
MDSModern Design Solutions
MDSMicrowave Design Simulator
MDSAtelier de Minéralisation des Solvants Organiques (French: Organic Solvent Mineralisation Facility)
MDSMedia Delivery Solution (software)
MDSManagement Development Specialists, Inc (Ocean Springs, MS)
MDSMulti-Displacement System (Chrysler engine technology)
MDSMobile Data System (Blackberry service)
MDSMissile Defense System
MDSMissile Detection System
MDSMultipoint Distribution System
MDSModern Day Spartans (gaming)
MDSMandriva Directory Server (software)
MDSMacular Disease Society (UK)
MDSMusic Desk Stand (product)
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The specific MDS data field used to count this is VB2 (Date of RAP assessment process).
The Cisco MDS 9000 has a modular design that enables interchangeable modules to be inserted into their chassis.
The PT/OT therapists reviewed a variety of resources to have a thorough understanding of the therapy-appropriate sections of the MDS manual.
This alliance brings two leaders in their respective fields together with a common purpose, to speed the development of new drugs for treating some of the major diseases plaguing our society today," said Frank Gleeson, president and chief executive officer of MDS Proteomics.
The solution provided by MDS and ESPRE has the perfect balance of superior quality at low bandwidths and works on Macs and PCs.
The key to a facility's success in using QI data effectively is in accurately interpreting and analyzing QI reports, avoiding pitfalls related to the underlying MDS coding, and taking action to minimize risk.
One common error is inconsistency between the therapy minutes reported in the MDS and in the treatment logs.
Furthermore, ESPRE has been developing several unique consumer-facing applications for MDS utilizing ESPRE's eViewMedia Engine SDK and billing software development fees in accordance.
The 70% error reduction refers to a reduction in the total volume of errors that are detectable off-site and the elimination of invalid values from the MDS database.
MDS Sciex is the analytical instrumentation and technology solutions division of MDS Inc.
I suspect that the hardest part of implementing the MDS process since 1991 has been for facilities to analyze their organizational structures, assess staff capabilities and understand the resident admissions process to successfully manage the overall MDS system.
Results from a phase 3 clinical trial demonstrated an overall response rate of 21% in Dacogen-treated patients considered evaluable for response, defined as those patients with pathologically confirmed MDS at baseline who received at least 2 cycles of treatment, compared to 0% in the supportive care arm.