MDSAMusical Dog Sport Association
MDSAMother-Daughter Sexual Abuse
MDSAMaking Daughters Safe Again
MDSAMid-Day Supervisor Assistant (UK)
MDSAMulti-Sensor Data Synergy Advisor (earth science)
MDSAMount de Sales Academy (various locations)
MDSAMacedonian Dentistry Students' Association
MDSAMichigan Directors of Services to the Aging
MDSAMovement Disorder Society of Australia (Nedlands, WA)
MDSAMultiple Disk Sampling Apparatus
MDSAManaging Director Senior Advisor
MDSAMinnewaska Distance Swimmers Association (New Paltz, NY)
MDSAMissouri Sheriffs Department Association
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Indicators Model Coefficient IC (95%) PBF coverage (%) -0.034 -0.041 -0.027 FHS coverage (%) -0.012 -0.023 -0.002 Prenatal consultations (%) -0.025 -0.030 -0.020 Total fertility rate 4.224 3.793 4.655 Illiteracy rate ([greater than or 1.803 1.751 1.856 equal to]15 years) Inadequate water supply/sewage (%) 1.029 0.012 0.047 FHS2 0.001 0.000 0.001 [R.sup.2] (within) 0.832 Indicators Model P-value PBF coverage (%) 0.001 FHS coverage (%) 0.020 Prenatal consultations (%) 0.001 Total fertility rate 0.001 Illiteracy rate ([greater than or 0.001 equal to]15 years) Inadequate water supply/sewage (%) 0.001 FHS2 0.026 [R.sup.2] (within) Source of basic data: Programa das Nacoes das Unidas para o Desenvolvimento (PNUD), Ministerio do Desenvolvimento Social e Agrario (MDSA) e Ministerio da Saude (MS).
The community groups with the largest number of participants registered in the relation to that offered by MDSA were selected according to each region of the studied municipality (north, south, central, east and continental region).
O MDSA e o gestor responsavel a nivel federal, tendo a Caixa Economica Federal como agente mantenedor do Sistema de Cadastro Unico (18).
"This facility demonstrates how the SCA is meeting the demand for schools within New York's tight urban environment," said Michael Szerbaty, MDSA principal.
P., Indian national from Sharjah, who had opened his account in May 2014, said: "I am pleased to celebrate the 50th MDSA ceremony with ADCB.
Sahni won the MDSA Grand Prize of AED 1 million having opened the MDSA account in August 2012.
MDSA is also an exclusively Islamic product, where customers also have easy access to the funds in their MDSA through internationally accepted debit cards, coupled with free internet banking and mobile banking services.
Apart from the long-term stationary observations as mentioned above, also short-term seismoacoustic measurements have been regularly performed by means of portable indicators, e.g., MOW and/or MDSA (Dlouhy, 1979 and 1980; Macek, 1987; Travnicek et al., 1979; Travnickova and Travnicek, 1992) almost in all mines of the OKCB as well.
During the agreement signing, ADCB Islamic Banking head Amr al-Menhaliat said: "Millionaire Destiny Savings Account (MDSA) has become a very popular account in the UAE.
We describe a university--tribal collaboration involving the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation (CTUIR) and Oregon State University (OSU) and present a model material and data-sharing agreement (MDSA).
An expat school teacher, Magda Abdelsamie Mohamed Sakar, emerged out as the winner of Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB) millionaire destiny savings account (MDSA) quarterly grand prize.