MDSCCMadrid Deep Space Communications Complex
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Similar result was found by Gupta K et al14 in their study which reported the mean LI in WD SCC was 55.333 [+ or -] 7.789; in MDSCC was 43.976 [+ or -] 3.152 and in PDSCC was 80 [+ or -] 5.
Among overall WDSCC and MDSCC, nonmetastatic group has higher eosinophil count compared to metastatic assessed by unpaired t test (Table 6).
As per the study, mean eosinophil count of WDSCC and MDSCC of no-metastatic group was significantly higher than metastatic group.
of cases Frequency of data cases (n = 129) mutations (%) HNC cases 129 97 (75.19%) Genders Male 65 47 (36.43%) Female 64 50 (38.75%) Median age 55 [less than 67 50 (38.75%) or equal to]55 >55 62 47 (36.43%) Habituated to No habits 16 13 (81.25%) Smoking 7 5 (71.42%) Alcohol 2 Nill (0%) Chewing 35 25 (71.42%) Smoking and alcohol 22 18 (81.81%) Smoking and chewing 2 2 (100%) Alcohol and chewing 31 22 (70.96%) Smoking, chewing, 14 12 (85.71%) and alcohol Tissue differentiation WDSCC 86 64 (49.61%) MDSCC 32 25 (19.37%) PDSCC 11 8 (6.20%) Table 3: Demographic data of healthy volunteers with the distribution of Q787Q genotype.
Tenders are invited for installations and urbanization of dss-53 and dss-56 antennas in madrid deep space communication complex (mdscc)
Tenders are invited for contracting of the work for the replacement of automatic switches and electrical panels of low voltage distribution (208/120 v) in mdscc ".
Contract notice:supply and commissioning of the main equipment of the air conditioning system of the new antennas DSS-53 and DSS-56, MDSCC in Robledo de Chavela, Madrid
Contract notice: Supply and start-up (does not include installation) of the electrical substations for the new dss-53 and dss-56 antennas in mdscc in robledo de chavela, Madrid, Spain
Tenders are invited for the object of this contract is the supply and installation of new transformers and replacement and removal of existing dss-63 antenna in the facilities of the communications complex of the deep space of madrid (mdscc) located in robledo de chavela, madrid
Contract notice: Communication service between mdscc located in robledo de chavela, Madrid and the regional node of rediris.
Contract notice: Monitoring services, protection and security installations complex deep space communications madrid (mdscc).
Contract notice: Supply and installation of new batteries for static converters of frequency in mdscc in robledo of chavela.