MDSFMatrix-Dependent Selective Fragmentation
MDSFMedium Deep Space Freighter (gaming)
MDSFModeling and Decision Support Framework
MDSFMulti-Dimensional Spreading Function
MDSFMatt Dolan Service Fund (est. 2004; Cincinnati, OH)
MDSFMission Data Support Facility
MDSFMarcus Doo and the Secret Family (band)
MDSFMalian Defense & Security Forces
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Main features: The department decided to create additional surfaces at the house of solidarity and family (mdsf) herbarium to relocate the occupants of the modular and create a complementary day reception.
The MDSF sent medical teams and ambulances to the base at the request of the U.S.
Tenders are invited for Provn of geysers at jco nco accn at ngfa outram line usman road mdsf gfa sf thela ground under ge west lucknow
The 5,650-ton vessel is the first to return to Japan of the six MDSF ships dispatched to the Indian Ocean under the Antiterrorism Special Measures Law passed in October.