MDSLModerate Speed Dsl
MDSLMultirate Digital Subscriber Line
MDSLMaximum Data Segment Length
MDSLMulti-rate Digital Subscriber Line
MDSLMaster Deal and Signage List
MDSLMedium-Speed Digital Subscriber Line
MDSLMultiple Digital Subscriber Line
MDSLmaximal dynamic soleus length
MDSLMobile Digital Subscriber Line
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SEP, which also owns TEM provider Telesoft, has acquired MDSL based on its growth, global reach, advanced technology platform, customer service and quality of employees.
MDSL is a provider of international Telecom Expense Management (TEM) and Market Data Management (MDM) solutions.
Ben Mendoza, of MDSL, said: "If 15 per cent of that pounds 1.
MTM' mining engineer Larry Rohde, supported by mine management, took an aggressive approach to concentrations that he and MDSL believed could cause future environmental problems and liabilities.
Ben Mendoza, CEO of MDSL, said, "We listened carefully to our global TEM user group, the leading independent analysts and the marketplace at large.
Peek's MDSL router with OSFP (Open Shortest Path First) functionality is a broadband networking device and one of the few products in the market with an industrial specification temperature range in a very compact form factor.
MDSL has announced its appointment as Marquee Sponsor for AOTMP s annual fixed line and mobile conference in Orlando, Florida to be held next month.
Chen was also responsible for proposing and promoting the idea of a single DSP chip dual line code MDSL modem; for developing an end-to-end ADSL architecture for a stand-alone home network communications device; and for establishing Texas Instrument's leading presence in the DSL standard bodies and in the telecommunications industry through the development and creation of a DSL system simulation/design platform.
It joins a growing list of MDSL financial services clients.
It is also backwards compatible with Infineon's MuBIC MDSL transceiver