MDSMMass Digital Storage Management
MDSMMiedzynarodowego Domu Spotkan Mlodziezy (Polish: International Youth Meeting; Poland)
MDSMMovimiento por el Derecho a la Salud Mental (Spanish: Right to Mental Health Movement)
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All of the above are crucial components of MDSM - Mobile Device Security Management.
As you examine MDSM in your shop, let me add a couple of additional 'foods for thought' that should be considered in all mobile device deployment plans.
Yet because MDSM includes many specialized security controls and processes, vastly different than MDM, MDSM is deserved of independent recognition and identity - wholly separate from MDM.
It is likely that because facilities in MDSM states relied on MDS documentation for Medicaid reimbursement they had an increased incentive to document these poor mental health symptoms compared with non-MDSM states, resulting in different QI values.
These findings suggest the possibility that facilities in MDSM states are upcoding the mental health MDS data (making residents appear to have more depression symptoms, cognitively impairment, and having more behavioral symptoms than actuality) in order to capture more reimbursement.
Regardless of the reason why there is this MDSM and non-MDSM difference, these findings have important policy implications.
First, this study uses cross-sectional data to confirm a hypothesis regarding coding differences of the MDS between MDSM and non-MDSM states.