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MDSPMaryland Department of State Police
MDSPMobile Data Synchronization Protocol
MDSPMaryland State Police
MDSPMichigan Department of State Police (est. 1935)
MDSPMobile Data Service Platform
MDSPMeter Data Service Provider
MDSPMobile Device Synchronization Protocol
MDSPMultirate Digital Signal Processing
MDSPMicrowave Digital Signal Processor
MDSPMain Digital Signal Processor
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MDSP President Dr Nadir Ali Syed informed the audience that the MDSP was working on training 1,000 general practitioners for diagnosis of neurological diseases in a timely manner and their management.
These include the presence of the vector, favorable peri-urban conditions, underscoring the presence of MDSP, reduction in impacts on the municipality's forest coverage, etc.
The MDSP guarantees that data collected by Genergy is accurate and valid, and eliminates the lengthy information gathering and certification process many users must undertake whenever they need to perform due diligence.
Further, the MDSP certification qualifies Genergy to provide services once exclusively performed by utility companies.
Police forces, emergency services and other organizations engaged in making communities safer, are under increased pressure to improve services, respond faster and achieve more positive results," said Manny San Pedro, executive director at MDSP Consultants.
13 micron, multi-million gate CT3600 MDSP product with 24 processing cores at a Sequence low-power design seminar in Tokyo, attended by several of Japan's leading design firms.
Demonstrates the applicability of Cradle's CT3600 MDSP architecture for intelligent video surveillance applications
Cradle's demonstrations will showcase the unparalleled performance of its latest MDSP product, the CT3616, in digital video recorder (DVR) and intelligent video content analysis (VCA) applications using MPEG4 and H.
Cradle Technologies, a fabless semiconductor company providing multiprocessor DSPs (MDSPs) for video and imaging systems, and ActivEye(R), a leading provider of video content analysis software, today announced an agreement to port ActivEye's Active Alert(TM) Intelligent Video Content Analysis software to Cradle's CT3600 MDSP family.
The onboard Cradle CT3400 MDSP can implement a variety of advanced video-compression algorithms such as MPEG-4 to produce high quality D1 real-time video at low compression bit rates.