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MDSSManagement Decision Support System
MDSSMichigan Disease Surveillance System (Michigan Department of Community Health)
MDSSMulti Dynamic Sound System
MDSSMobile Data Synchronization Service
MDSSMaintenance Decision Support System
MDSSMedical Support Squadron
MDSSMassachusetts Department of Social Services
MDSSMarketing Decision Support System
MDSSMicrosoft Digital Sound System
MDSSMeasured Depth Sub-Sea
MDSSMaterial Data Safety Sheet
MDSSMedical Device Safety Service GmbH (Hannover, Germany)
MDSSMobile Display Sub System
MDSSMAGTF Deployment Support System
MDSSMedical Data Surveillance System
MDSSMeteorological Data Sounding System
MDSSMultiple Dwell Serial Search
MDSSMaryland Street Scene
MDSSMulti-Dynamic Sound System
MDSSMicrosoft Directory Synchronization Service
MDSSMulticast Distributed Shortcut Switching (Cisco)
MDSSMobilization Decision Support System
MDSSMobile Data System Studio (RIM)
MDSSMedical and Dental Servicing Section (UK MoD)
MDSSManchester Dental Student Society (UK)
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MDSS sensors will incorporate onboard artificial intelligence and machine learning to speed processing, autonomously cross-cue other sensors, and produce low-bandwidth data streams for ease of use on constrained networks.
The city's MDSS uses the available real-time road weather conditions and fleet vehicle locations to provide recommendations on material type, application rates, and timing for maintenance staff to make better decisions.
Australia introduced 2 distinct MDSs by first developing an AMRSS MDS and then going a step beyond by recommending through the Drug Utilization Sub-Committee a surveillance MDS for antimicrobial drug therapy and management.
Federal Highway Administration winter road maintenance decision support system (MDSS): Recent enhancements and refinements.
The MDSS business unit provided post warranty contract maintenance services for large diagnostic imaging equipment, primarily in the upper mid-west region of the United States, for Philips products.
(270) "The MDSS combines state-of-the-art weather forecasting with
The mitochondrial depletion syndromes (MDSs) are a clinically heterogeneous group of mitochondrial disorders characterized by a severe quantitative reduction of total mtDNA copy number.
methotrexate, trimethoprim, phenytoin), HIV infection, and the MDSs. The MDSs are clonal haematopoietic disorders characterised by peripheral blood cytopenias and dysplastic haematopoiesis, with a predisposition towards developing acute leukaemia.
The lung involvement was handled under a separate title within MDSS, in which the disease activity of the SSc was assessed; and a grouping was performed ranging from 0 to 4, namely normal, mild, moderate, severe, and end stage.
The study was based on a reinforced complement of thirty-six F-35Bs operating from a MEB sea base or an expeditionary airfield and supported by an onshore network of three MDSs, each supporting an operational M-FARP, plus one setting up and another breaking down.
mDSS Decision methods: NetSyMod [online], [cited 01 September 2013].
As part of an internal reorganization during the first quarter, the company's weather-related Management Decision Support Services (MDSS), historically included in the Transportation Systems segment, were reassigned to the iPerform segment to better align the company's predictive weather and traffic capabilities, resources, and initiatives.