MDSSManagement Decision Support System
MDSSMichigan Disease Surveillance System (Michigan Department of Community Health)
MDSSMulti Dynamic Sound System
MDSSMobile Data Synchronization Service
MDSSMaintenance Decision Support System
MDSSMedical Support Squadron
MDSSMassachusetts Department of Social Services
MDSSMarketing Decision Support System
MDSSMicrosoft Digital Sound System
MDSSMeasured Depth Sub-Sea
MDSSMaterial Data Safety Sheet
MDSSMedical Device Safety Service GmbH (Hannover, Germany)
MDSSMobile Display Sub System
MDSSMAGTF Deployment Support System
MDSSMedical Data Surveillance System
MDSSMeteorological Data Sounding System
MDSSMultiple Dwell Serial Search
MDSSMaryland Street Scene
MDSSMulti-Dynamic Sound System
MDSSMicrosoft Directory Synchronization Service
MDSSMulticast Distributed Shortcut Switching (Cisco)
MDSSMobilization Decision Support System
MDSSMobile Data System Studio (RIM)
MDSSMedical and Dental Servicing Section (UK MoD)
MDSSManchester Dental Student Society (UK)
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The MDSS business unit provided post warranty contract maintenance services for large diagnostic imaging equipment, primarily in the upper mid-west region of the United States, for Philips products.
To evaluate the completeness of reporting of chronic HBV and HCV infections, all clinically confirmed cohort cases found in the health-care system during the study period of 2006-2008 were matched to cases reported to MDSS by first name, last name, and date of birth, using probabilistic record-linkage software.
In some engagements, the author has incorporated in the pricing MDSS the modeling of uncertain inputs by embedding a Monte Carlo algorithm, which provides a range of desired outputs contingent on combinations of input uncertainties.
MDSSs at General Electric: Implications for the 1990s from experiences in the 1970s and 1980s, Part II.
In addition, Castens commented that MDSS personnel were both prompt and professional.
FHWA's Intelligent Transportation Systems program developed MDSS, building on maintenance approaches already in use.
Because of concerns that MDSS involvement might inhibit the openness of response, two alternative recruiting methods were used.
MDSS has added several modules to its Factivity product, an advanced manufacturing floor system with intuitive touch screen data collection features.
As Little's MDSS is specifically aimed at "assisting and improving marketing decision making", by implication we can assume that his MDSS is aimed at the complex, less well-structured problems encountered within the marketing domain.
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To ensure no computer program errors were present, the findings of the Dutch MDSS study were run through the program.