MDTDMinimum Detectable Temperature Difference
MDTDMaine Dil Tujko Diya (Indian movie)
MDTDManagement Development Training Department (Sri Lanka)
MDTDMemorandum of Deposit of Title Deeds (India)
MDTDMinimal Delayed Tanning Dose (skin care)
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The X-ray beam was perpendicular to the MDTD plane of samples.
Several ORFs that are known to confer multidrug resistance were identified: ORFs for multidrug resistance protein A YjcR (RWLH03476), EmrA (RWLH00117, RWLH01692) and multidrug resistance protein B YdiM (RWLH00380), as well as HrrA (RWLH03037), MdtD (RWLH00999), FmrB (RWLH01693), (YdiN) RWLH00381 (YdiN) and an unknown resistance protein (RWLH00118).