MDTMMultidisciplinary Team Meeting (healthcare)
MDTMModified Date Time (FTP)
MDTMModified Dermatophyte Test Medium (fungal culture screening medium)
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However, MDTMs themselves necessitate a great deal of organization, management infrastructure and funding to ensure the presence of relevant personnel, the collection and compilation of important patient details and radiological materials.2,8,11,12 The Radiology department plays a pivotal and unequivocal role in all such meetings since it is the quintessential visual discipline of modern medicine.2,13 The Radiologists must invest their time and energy as well as resources while preserving a professional decorum; so it is only plausible that the amplified workload and increasing pressures so often takes its toll.2,14 The aim of this study was to highlight the increase in workload and time consumption associated with MDTMs for radiologists working in a tertiary care center.
MDTMs at Liaquat National Hospital are scheduled monthly.
Data was collected regarding the number of MDTMs scheduled and held, total number of cases and individual imaging studies, number of images quickly reviewed (within 1-5 mins/image), number of imaging studies not discussed, preparation time (hours/month) of residents, senior registrar and consultants, and the total duration time(hours/month) of the meetings.