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Our partnership with MDUK will help ensure that everyone, disabled or not, can use our roads and I encourage as many operators as possible to apply for funding.
MDUK will work with DfT to allocate funding based on detailed proposals by the operators of motorway services areas which will set out how they propose to fulfil the eligibility criteria.
The departments partnership with MDUK was announced last November to bring Changing Places toilets to the majority of motorway service areas, as part of the governments Inclusive Transport Strategy which aims to provide equal access to the transport network by 2030.
MDUK has worked with a grants officer from CBT to look at advancing the program.
I am committed to delivering an inclusive transport network, and our partnership with MDUK is the next step in ensuring that everyone, disabled or not, can use our roads.
"They also made their debut recently at the MDUK Scottish Championship League and to see them progress to this level in the last few months is very rewarding."
The survey, Motorsport 100, which will track the industry's fortunes every quarter, was commissioned by public-private partnership Motorsport Development UK (MDUK), and carried out by Experian.
Bob Gilbert, chairman, MDUK, remarked: "The industry is so used to competing with each other, it ought to learn to set aside just one day a week when it co-operates with its competitors for the good of the industry and the sport."
The agency has joined forces with three counterparts to help fund the Motorsport Development UK (MDUK) programme, which also has the backing of the Government and private industry.
The five-year MDUK programme is aimed at encouraging innovation in the industry, including the development of energy-efficient racing, and supporting businesses through a virtual "Motorsport Academy".