MDVAMinnesota Department of Veterans Affairs (St. Paul, MN)
MDVAMashie Design Visual Audio (hardware)
MDVAMichigan Distributors & Vendors Association
MDVAMaryland Department of Veteran Affairs
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DODAGs formed by three distributed algorithms that appear in the literature were compared against the fc-shortest-lexicographic solution: the Shortest-multipath DODAG as in MDVA [2], using link costs as given in Section 3.1, the MARA-MC DODAG [7], and a DODAG approximating the output graph of the TORA ad hoc multipath routing algorithm [6].
Red teams provide vigilant support to the unit OPSEC managers by regularly conducting MDVAs for their base or MAJCOM.
The Minnesota Veterans Home - Minneapolis (MDVA) intents to enter in to a 12 month/1 year Software Agreement with Telemedicine Solutions, LLC.
The Minnesota Department of Veteran Affairs (MDVA) intends to extend, for an additional 6 months their current care management software license with Momentum Healthware, Inc.