MDVRMobile Digital Video Recorder
MDVRMissouri Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (Missouri Department of Elementary & Secondary Education)
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The DVMS automatically uploads, archives, and organizes captured video from the MDVR units.
The Council is responsible for reviewing, analyzing, and advising the MDVR regarding performance on issues relating to: (a) eligibility, (b) extent, scope, and effectiveness of services, and (c) functions performed by the MDVR that affect the ability of individuals with disabilities to achieve rehabilitation goals and objectives (Missouri State Rehabilitation Advisory Council, 1994).
A major responsibility of the Council is to conduct a review and analysis of consumer satisfaction with (a) the functions performed by the MDVR and other entities responsible for performing functions for individuals with disabilities and (b) VR services.
The new MDVR Consumer Satisfaction Survey process was initiated October 1, 1994.
Question 8 allows the consumer to provide brief written feedback regarding their satisfaction with MDVR services.
The percentage of consumers who were in strong agreement with the various facets of the MDVR service process ranged from a high of 90% (statement 1) to a low of 69% (statement 3).
This finding suggests that MDVR has, at least in part, effectively addressed the service provision streamlining mandates in the Act (e.g., eligibility determination within 60 days).
The finding that such a large percentage of respondents were in strong agreement with the statement that they were involved in making choices about their rehabilitation goals and services provides initial evidence that consumers of MDVR services are being empowered to gain control over their lives.
The purpose of this article was twofold: (a) to present the consumer satisfaction survey process implemented by the MDVR, and (b) to report first year results of this process.
Given the above response rate, survey respondents may not have been a representative sample of MDVR consumers.
On the contrary, the MDVR Consumer Satisfaction Survey data presented in this article indicate that high percentages of consumers are very satisfied with all aspects of the rehabilitation process.
The Consumer Satisfaction Survey results can be used by MDVR to facilitate continuous service improvement in several ways.