MDWDMobile Data Wireless Display (Panasonic Toughbook accessory)
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Initial MDWD production models will be optimized for use by motorcycle, bicycle and ATV-mounted police officers.
Deploying the MDWD and Mini PC system will give their motorcycle-mounted officers the same access to criminal-information databases as officers in patrol cars.
Mike Rose's Auto Body, a San Francisco Bay Area collision repair organization with five locations, has seen significant increases in productivity since its adoption of the Toughbook MDWD, reducing in-take and estimate times by thirty minutes to an hour per vehicle.
Before the MDWD, we would have had to translate from a paper worksheet to the computer, adding steps that increase the likelihood of mistakes and slow down the process for everyone involved.
Panasonic's Toughbook 07 Mini-PC works in unison with the Mobile Data Wireless Display that is suitable for mounting on police motorcycles, allowing highway patrol officers to remove and carry the MDWD to vehicles that have been stopped.
The MDWD features a wireless touch-screen LCD that can be used up to 300 feet away from the PC body and incorporates support for the IEEE 802.