MDWFPMississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks
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The MDWFP Hunting and Fishing mobile apps were designed as gateways for sportsmen and sportswomen of Mississippi to communicate with the department using an interactive mobile application," said Curtis Thornhill, Chief Information Systems Officer for MDWFP.
The MDWFP Hunting and Fishing application allows users to purchase their hunting and fishing license, renew their boat registration and access information designed for use in the natural outdoors of Mississippi, all from their mobile device.
Since rolling out the new system, MDWFP has issued more than 310,000 permits and has made getting outdoors easier and more convenient.
Harnessing this technology and migrating to one platform has helped us improve efficiency and productivity," said Curtis Thornhill, chief systems information officer at MDWFP.
MDWFP is one of the first agencies of its kind to use cloud-based technology to streamline its operations and manage its data assets," said Steve Connolly, senior vice president of Outdoors at ACTIVE Network.
This year, MDWFP contributed $100,000 through Ducks Unlimited to conserve waterfowl breeding ground habitat in Saskatchewan.
Waterfowl and wetlands are a continental resource," says Ed Penny, MDWFP director of conservation programs.
By working together, USFWS, MDWFP, and other state agencies have brought a species back from almost certain peril.
It's a no-lose situation, and thanks to MDWFP and generous landowners, we are graced with countless angling opportunities.
Everyone must also complete a firearms-safety session with MDWFP at the nearby police academy firing range to ensure each child can handle a gun safely.
After the hunt on the Bozeman property, MDWFP Deer Program Coordinator Chad Dacus had the opportunity to teach the younger Gilley how to age his deer.