MDYMonth Day Year
MDYMaster of Arts in Diplomacy
MDYMarket Dividend Yield
MDYMinimum Detectable Yield
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The MDY Trio's License Test and Its Inconvenient Complications for Open Source Licensing 1.
MDY Healthcare will receive consideration, in cash, equal to 2.
Under the transaction, MDY disposed of the unit to Optima Consumer Health Ltd for a nominal cash consideration equal to 2.
paragraph] 17 Even before Krause and MDY, rightsholders were limited in their ability to enforce software licenses through copyright by counterclaims or defense claims of copyright misuse, the unconscionability doctrine, and fair use.
Mark Moerdler, president of MDY Advanced Technologies, Inc, has guided organizations in a wide variety of industries to improve business and IT initiatives, including records management, document management, network and system management, disaster recovery and business continuity planning.
e-discovery -- The criteria on which a company can evaluate the credibility of a legal threat -- Email retention cross border issues -- Richard Reese, CEO, Iron Mountain -- Iron Mountain is a $2 billion records management and data protection company -- Topics of Reese's podcast include: -- Iron Mountain's collaboration with Microsoft on Office 2007 -- The blurring lines between information assets (electronic and paper) and the increasing amount of data protection required -- Galina Datskovsky, Senior Vice President, Development at CA MDY -- The topics of Ms.
Galina Datskovsky, CEO, MDY Advanced Technologies Inc.
Meanwhile, MDY continues to hold above short-term support at the 142 mark, keeping both of these puts out of the money by a decent margin (but bear in mind that they will not expire for two months).
Troutman Sanders also selected aspects of ADERANT Expert's front office-focused solution, including its records management application, Expert Records Manager, Powered by MDY, and its web-based matter pricing and time entry applications.