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MDipMaster Diploma (education)
MDipMedia Dependent Interface Pins
MDipMeghna Dhonagoda Irrigation Project (est. 1977; Bangladesh)
MDipMolded Dual-In-Line Package
MDipMarine Data Information Partnership
MDipMission System Development Implementation Plan
MDipMedical Data Insurance Processing, Inc. (Sioux Falls, SD)
MDipMobilization and Deployment Improvement Program
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[4.] Ram M, Ansary KM (2011) Geophysical Investigation at Meghna Dhonagoda Irrigation Project (MDIP) Using Ground Penetrating Radar Method.
Davies however also noted that the expenditure of MDIP would be restricted by the limits stipulated by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) as part of an agreement for a US$750 million standby loan arrangement.
(17.) Social MdIP. Por primera vez sistema general de riesgos profesionales cuenta con herramientas de prevencion.