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MDxMolecular Diagnostics
MDxManaged DirectX (Microsoft)
MDxMiami-Dade Expressway Authority (Florida)
MDxManaged Direct X
MDxMultiple Index
MDxMulti Dimensional Expressions
MDxModular Digital Exchange
MDxMobile Data Exchange (computing)
MDxMulti Dimensional Expression
MDxModular Digital Exchange (Redcom Laboratories, Inc.)
MDxMountain Dew X
MDxMulti-Dimensional Luxury (Honda)
MDxModify Index (assembler language instruction)
MDxMulti-Channel Data Exchange
MDxMaintenance Diagnostic Extended
MDxMidland Document Exchange
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The recent report on the Molecular Diagnosis (MDx)market published by Wise Guy Reports (WGR) assessed the potential of the said market.
Under the agreement, DGCX will work closely with MDX in areas of shared interest including trading, clearing, settlement, delivery of contracts, compliance and surveillance, contract design and pricing, technology, and risk management, remarked CEO Les Male after inking the deal with Dipak Raj Pandey, the co-ordinator of MDX.
To schedule a telemedicine appointment with a NxGen MDx genetic counsellor, go to and use the service key NXGENMDX when enrolling.
Sixteen male dystrophic mdx mice (C57BL/10ScSnDmdmdx/J) and controls wild-type (C57BL/10) acquired from Fiocruz Institute (Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil) were used in this study.
Another example, not really designed for "in the field" use but more targeted to the physician office (it's described as "near-patient testing") MDx setting, is the Alere I system.
The results indicated that almost all myofibers in the superficial area of TA were type II myofibers in both C57 and mdx mice with or without D-GalN treatment (Figures 2(a), 2(b)).
According to Todd Hemmert, who was the large project leader (a.k.a., "chief engineer") for the 2017 MDX, when the platform was developed for the third-generation MDX a sport hybrid configuration was taken into account, thereby facilitating the packaging of the hybrid powertrain and electrical components without major modifications to the structure nor attenuating the interior space of the vehicle.
Diaphragm muscles were isolated from 2-, 4-, and 24-week-old mdx and mdx/IL6 mice and immediately frozen in liquid nitrogen.
The mdx mouse is the dystrophic murine model of DMD, whose pathology is also characterised by increased inflammation.
As announced on 14 May, the StrikeAd platform will be integrated into the Sizmek MDX platform, enabling advertisers to take full advantage of Sizmek's mobile and programmatic capabilities.
Eduardo Marban tested the hypothesis that CDC transplantation may be beneficial in mice with muscular dystrophy (mdx mice), which progressively develop cardiomyopathy due to dystrophin deficiency and the resultant intense oxidative stress, inflammation and apoptosis.
Wild-type syngeneic mouse CDCs (105 cells total) or control were injected intramyocardium in 5 left ventricular (LV) sites in 10month old mdx mice.