MEAAMedia Entertainment and Arts Alliance
MEAAMuseum of East Asian Art (UK)
MEAAMitsubishi Electric Automotive America, Inc.
MEAAMontenegrin Ethnic Association of Australia
MEAAMedia and Arts Alliance (Australia)
MEAAModified Essential Amino Acid (cell protein measurement index)
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Getting data on the screens is something that MEAA is working on, too, says Mark Rakowski, executive director of Sales and Engineering for the organization.
As shown in Table 3, BAA and PhAA were detected in 93% of the women's urinary samples and MEAA in more than half.
Most disturbingly, the MEAA has presumed to act as a mouthpiece for Aborigines, arguing that it is overcrowding, poor health outcomes and poor policing levels that need to be addressed, not the permit system.
The Recommended Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA) Code and the actual MEAA revised and adopted journalist code, were both presented to the Australian public in the mid 1990s.
He issued a statement through "King Kong" production company Big Primate Pictures warning that if thesps voted for the MEAA, it would remove a Kiwi advantage over Oz in attracting Hollywood productions.
MEAA member Chris Haywood said: "The Telstra ads fail to properly use Billy Connolly's great talents.
Mickey Kurisaki, MEAA president and CEO said, "Mitsubishi Electric's commitment to high quality and service goes back many years, as does our relationship with General Motors.
Regardless of the reasons, there are instances in which the MEAA, whose purpose is to advocate for the rights of its members, has attempted to block such casting decisions.
MEAA began producing high-efficiency alternators at its plant in Mason, Ohio, where the company is headquartered, in 2014.
I don't wish to be associated with the MEAA if it continues to pursue this naive and destructive line of action against an industry which has enough struggles as it is," says Buckley, who joined the union at age 15 in 1953.
Headquartered in Mason, Ohio, MEAA has been supplying radios, navigation and DVD-based entertainment systems and electrical engine components to the North American auto industry since 1979.