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MEACMid-Eastern Athletic Conference
MEACMiddle Eastern and Adjoining Countries (Internet governance)
MEACMidwifery Education Accreditation Council
MEACMeasuring Progress of eAccessibility in Europe
MEACMediator Ethics Advisory Committee (Florida court system)
MEACMinimum Effective Anesthetic Concentration
MEACMunicipal Energy Authority Computer (from BOFH)
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Payments to SGS for gas will represent an operating expense of the gas utility system of each Project Participant, other than LMGA and MEAC, which has agreed to make payments from the revenues it receives pursuant to the LMGA and MEAC Gas Sales Contracts.
Thus UPPAAL-SMC allowed effective verification of our model, opening the possibility of verification of such clinically relevant qualities as the probability of effect concentration falling below the minimum effective analgesic concentration (MEAC) and/or exceeding toxic concentration threshold, all with arbitrary selected confidence intervals [8].
For several years, she served as an official for the Big South, MEAC, ODAC and CIAA Conferences.
The density of nerve profiles in the cavum conchae and MEAC was calculated in 50 whole sections per specimen (25 sections processed for detection of NFP and 25 sections processed for detection of S100P), 50 [micro]m apart.
In order to isolate the greatest number of species, we used two culture media: a copiotrophic medium composed of 2% malt extract, 2% agar and 0.2% CaC[O.sub.3] (MEAC) and an oligotrophic medium of 0.2% CaC[O.sub.3] and 2% agar (CCOA).
In 2015, MEAC champion North Carolina A&T State University defeated SWAC champion Alcorn State University 41-34 in front of more than 35,000 fans.
The inaugural Middle East Aviation Careers (MEAC) Conference and Exhibition will be held on March 8-10 to familiarise those interested in careers in aviation and aerospace with opportunities coming up over the next few years.
22 North Carolina with a methodical win in the home opener over the Pirates (0-3), the five-time defending MEAC champions.
As my flight engineer secured it via its bus-monitoring switch, we lost our monitorable essential AC (MEAC) and start essential AC (SEAC) buses.
In accordance to the sales volumes reported by MEAC (Middle East Automotive Council), BMW is the number 1 brand among the European competitors in the Middle East automotive premium segment.
Sanctions include a one-year suspension of the mediator's circuit certification during which time he shall not serve as a mediator; completion of eight hours of CME ethics courses; reading all MEAC opinions relevant to the formal charges; writing a reflective statement regarding the mediator's understanding of the ethical violations which gave rise to the grievance; and permanently ceasing to send, personally or through any other entity, solicitation letters to homeowners for mediation services.