MEAGMunicipal Electric Authority of Georgia
MEAGMunich Ergo Asset Management GmbH
MEAGMajor Emergency Action Guide (US FEMA)
MEAGMoray Equestrian Access Group (UK)
MEAGMunicipal Electric Association of Georgia (public power consortium)
MEAGMiddle East Advisory Group LLC (Washington, DC)
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In December 2015, Eolus had signed an agreement with MEAG regarding the sale of two wind farms to Munich Re.
MEAG -- which operates 93 percent of the air cargo coming in and out of Lebanon -- is certified to export to Europe and the new terminal will also include a separate section for goods that are destined for the EU, in order to meet the bloc's standards.
Extract Carbohydrate Glycoside Steroid Alkaloid Tanin Saponin MEAG - + - - + Extract Resin MEAG + MEAG denote for Methanol Extract of Antidesma ghaesembilla (+): Present, (-): Absent.
Munich Ergo AssetManagement GmbH, known as MEAG, was launched in December and is now handling more than 200 billion marks (about $102.
7% stake in the new units, while the Oglethorpe Power, MEAG Power and Dalton Utilities own the balance stake.
7 percent of the new units, with the project's other Georgia-based co-owners, including Oglethorpe Power, MEAG Power and Dalton Utilities.
Learn about the benefits of institutional investor financing from Benjamin Hemming, Senior Investment Manager, Infrastructure Debt, MEAG MUNICH ERGO Asset Management GmbH
Previous award recipients include leading investment management firms such as: MEAG, Nordea Savings and Asset Management, Edmond de Rothschild Asset Management, Alberta Investment Management Corporation and Ashmore Investment Management.
The city received 45% of the country's MEAG grant and there are more than 100 languages spoken in the city's schools.
The MEAG represents the merger of the previous ethnic minority achievement grant and the grant for asylum seeker education.
Jim Blair, managing director Europe, Georgia Department of Economic Development; Kevin Lovelace, project manager, Georgia Power Company; Daryl Ingram, director, economic development, MEAG Power; Randy Cardoza, managing director, AGL Resources
Jewel is now fighting MEAG in Oz's courts, where he's also fighting another legal battle over a prior incarnation of the show that collapsed into bankruptcy.