MEAMMechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics
MEAMMaster of European Administrative Management (degree)
MEAMModified Embedded Atom Method
MEAMMarine Ecosystems and Management (Seattle, WA)
MEAMMaster of Engineering in Aeronautical Management (degree)
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But liberavi animam meam. I can accuse my own conscience of no neglect; though it is at the same time with the utmost concern I see you travelling on to certain misery in this world, and to as certain damnation in the next."
``Genam meam dedi vapulatori I have given my cheek to the smiter,'' said the Priest; ``an thou canst stir me from the spot, fellow, I will freely bestow on thee the Jew's ransom.''
My friend," and he turned towards the blind man, "I sold my last shirt last week; that is to say, since you understand only the language of Cicero: Vendidi hebdomade nuper transita meam ultimam chemisan ."
digna quidem facies pro qua uel obiret Achilles; uel Priamo belli causa probanda fuit.--40 si quis uult fama tabulas anteire uetustas, hic dominam exemplo ponat in arte meam: siue illam Hesperiis, siue illam ostendet Eois, uret et Eoos, uret et Hesperios.--44 Agora, Paris, tu foste sabio e Menelau tambem, Tu porque intransigias (59), tu porque eras devedor (60).
(You may have read my previous articles around January/ February time when I made the same sort of statement, but I meam it this time, honest).
Mean performance of the subjects in the tests of semantic verbal fluency (animals) and phonological (letter "F") Variables Verbal fluency n Meam SD Mnimum Maximum Total Semantic 42 16.38 6.18 7.00 32.00 words Phonological 42 10.88 6.10 0.00 22.00 Nmber of Semantic 42 7.14 3.69 1.00 15.00 switches Phonological 42 6.36 4.17 0.00 16.00 Mean of Semantic 42 1.41 0.80 0.29 4.50 cluster Phonological 42 0.71 0.73 0.00 3.00 Variables Verbal fluency Median (p) Total Semantic 16.00 <0.001 * words Phonological 10.00 Nmber of Semantic 8.00 0.258 switches Phonological 6.50 Mean of Semantic 1.21 <0.001 * cluster Phonological 0.50 * statistically significant value of p <0.05.
Atqui ut mentem meam quisque teneat, utrasque aequis laudibus prosequendas censeo.
The first person to be thrown out of it is believed to be a man named Gaius Publius who, as he fell to earth, famously cried, "Ille rapuit formam meam!" or, "That guy stole my idea!" And then a thousand violins began to play and a thousand golden trumpets did rend the Roman air.
The team behind the Making Every Adult Matter (MEAM) service in North Tyneside was presented with a top accolade at this year's Compact Voices National Awards.