MEAMSMiddlesex Elderly Assessment of Mental State (cognitive test)
MEAMSMobile Emergency Alert Message Systems
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``Genam meam dedi vapulatori I have given my cheek to the smiter,'' said the Priest; ``an thou canst stir me from the spot, fellow, I will freely bestow on thee the Jew's ransom.''
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Flin, R., Bums, C, Meams, K., Yule, S., & Robertson, E.M.
The MEAMS 2012 has given a valuable opportunity for researchers, scholars and some scientists to exchange their ideas face to face together.
Previous overseas surveys (Reilly, Challis, Burns, & Hughes, 2004; Shulman, Herrmann, Brodaty, Chiu, Lawlor, et al., 2006) found that the screening measure most commonly used internationally was the Mini-Mental State Exam (MMSE; Folstein, Folstein, & McHugh, 1975), followed by the Clock Drawing Test (CDT; Shulman, Shedletsky, & Silver, 1986), the Middlesex Examination of Mental State (MEAMS; Golding, 1989), Cambridge Mental Disorders of the Elderly Examination (CAMDEX; Roth, et al., 1986)), CDT and Delayed Word Recall (Mini-Cog; Borson, Scanlan, Brush, Vitaliano, & Dokmak, 2000), Verbal Fluency Test (FAS; Bechtoldt, Benton, & Fogel, 1962), Similarities (Wechsler, 1997), and the Trail Making Test (Reitan, 1958).