MEBEMiddle East Basin Evolution (research program)
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Otra MEBE fue la fuerza de agarre, para su medicion se utilizo un dinamometro marca Takei modelo Smedley Hand Dynamometer III, que mide la fuerza de agarre en kilogramos /fuerza, con el anciano en bipedestacion, con el brazo extendido en aduccion a lo largo del cuerpo y el hombro con rotacion medial.
Los ancianos con caidas recurrentes tambien tenian peor ejecucion en las MEBE evaluadas, incluyendo los puntajes totales de la escala de Tinetti, tanto en equilibrio como en marcha.
MebesCruiser allows TCE customers to independently view and browse the MEBES database of their integrated circuit (IC), or join teams of engineers worldwide for collaboration and final design approval via Web conferencing.
An extensive set of Calibre tools are used in an MDP flow including: Calibre DRC(TM) and Calibre DRC-H(TM) for design rule and hierarchical rule checking including mask rule checking (MRC) and rules-based mask proximity corrections (MPC) as user programmable capabilities; Calibre RVE(TM) results viewing environment for viewing mask rule checking results; Calibre FRACTUREm(TM) for creating the MEBES format output; and Calibre MDPview(TM) for a visual verification of GDSII and the converted data prior to export.
based customers are extremely pleased with this new online service, and the ease and speed it provides for reviewing MEBES data.
Calibre FRACTUREm converts data into the MEBES format and Calibre MDPview enables designers to view GDSII data and the final converted files.
Calibre MDP technology will be commercially available in the first half of 2002 beginning with the MEBES format.
The eXara is based on the company's new MEBES X platform architecture developed in partnership with International SEMATECH.
The MebesCruiser is ideal for foundries and mask houses wanting to offer customers a virtual location where designers can independently view and browse a MEBES database, or join teams of engineers for true collaboration on the information via on-line conferencing.
The resulting optimized circuit design can be output as a MEBES or Hitachi mask-writing file.
Within their browsers, designers targeting TSMC silicon can view MEBES images using industry-standard CATS(TM) mask preparation software from Numerical Technologies and secure, stable, high-capacity web-enabling software from The Santa Cruz Operation.
The MEBES 4700 system, a new upgrade for the more than 25 installed MEBES 4500 systems, includes a 320 MHz data path that enables up to twice the throughput of the MEBES 4500S or up to eight times the throughput of the earlier generation MEBES 4500 systems.