MEBFMean Exchanges Between Failure
MEBFMechanical, Electrical and Building Fabric (facility management)
MEBFMercosur/European Union Business Forum
MEBFMaster in Economics of Banking and Finance
MEBFMonsoon Evergreen Broadleaf Forest
MEBFMatrícula Escolar Básica Final
MEBFMarine Expeditionary Battle Force (US DoD)
MEBFMission Évangélique Baptiste en France
MEBFMontane Evergreen Broad-leaved Forest
MEBFMinimum Empty Buffers First
MEBFMáster Executive en Banca y Finanzas
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TLS-Series libraries have an extremely good Mean Exchanges Between Failure specification: greater than 1,000,000 MEBF.
The CD Library 54 can make more than 2 million disc exchanges between service calls, based on MEBF (mean exchanges between failure) testing, minimizing downtime for maintenance or repair.
As a platform for integration by OEMs and resellers providing CD-based storage solutions, Infinidisc is designed to provide reliability and flexibility; offering a 500,000 MEBF (Mean Exchanges Before Failure) rating and complete field upgradeability, from 250 to 500 discs and from two to eight CD drives, depending on configuration.