MEBTMedium Energy Beam Transport
MEBTMutual Employees Benefit Trust (health coverage assistance)
MEBTMoist Exposed Burn Therapy
MEBTMenorcan Elastic Band Treatment (song)
MEBTMinimum Energy Broadcast Tree (computer networking)
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Contract notice: As part of its participation in the Saraf (Soreq applied research accelerator facility) project for the installation of a linear particle accelerator in Israel, the CEA is to provide the entire SCL (Linac superconductor) perimeter including the MEBT ( Line medium energy), located between the RFQ (quadrupole radiofrequency) and the cryomodules.
Manufacture and supply with solid state technology supply chain for RF cavities "Buncher" of the prototype accelerator MEBT Lipac-EVEDA IFMIF Project