MECBMissão Espacial Completa Brasileira (Portugese: Brazilian Space Agency)
MECBMonitoring the European Central Bank
MECBMacdac Engineering Consultancy Bureau (Malta)
MECBMultilateral EVA Control Board
MECBManufacturers Evaluation and Control Board
MECBMasters in Electronic Commerce Business (Dublin City University; Ireland)
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Using PCR, we tested for the presence of methicillin resistance genes mecA and mecC (27,28) as well as mecB. DNA sequences of PCR oligonucleotides are given in Table 1.
We investigated the applicability of a commercial automated susceptibility testing device to recognize methicillin resistance due to presence of mecB in S.
Comparative analysis of the DNA sequence revealed complete sequence identity (100%) with reported mecB genes located either on plasmid pMCCL2 (M.
Within the pSAWWU4229_1 plasmid, mecB was flanked by [beta]-lactam regulatory genes similar to mecR, mecI, and blaZ (nucleotide identities: 99.9%, mecRm from M.
(252g of powdered MECB was obtained from the extraction of 1 kg of powdered bark).
Sample B: 1 g MECB was shaken with 10 ml dichloromethane for 15 min.
The separation of coumarin and trans-cinnamaldehye from MECB was performed by using a Shimadzu-LC system (Shimadzu Corporation, Kyoto, Japan) equipped with a CBM-20A controller, LC-20AT pump, DGU-20A5 degasser, SIL-20A auto-sampler, SPD-20AV detector, and CTO-10Asvp column oven at 30 [degrees]C.
MECB represents the second addition to the Sevlievo factory's portfolio in 2011, the first one being the Local Control Cabinets (LCC) assembly for GIS up to 170 kV.
The assembly unit has been set up in Bulgaria's Sevlievo, with the support of ABB's Technical Lead Center for MECBs in Australia, aiming at shortening the lead time for European orders.
(6) The tremendously successful MECB has provided Brazil with a robust and very capable space program.
Implementation of the MECB initially put Brazil at odds with the United States due to its objective of developing a rocket.
Following a short introduction by Dr Ing Philip Farrugia, Regional Coordinator of the IED Malta Branch, presentations were delivered on CAD in the Drawing Office by Mr Emmanuel Gatt, from MCAST; CAD For Factory Workshop Design by Ing Emmanuel Francalanza, from the University of Malta; Collaborative CAD for Competitive Performance by Dr Ing Philip Farrugia; and finally on the euCAD On-line Training System by Jonathan C Borg, from MECB Ltd.