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MECCMinistry of Education and Culture (various organizations)
MECCMitsubishi Electric Credit Corporation (Japan)
MECCMountain Empire Community College
MECCMicellar Electrokinetic Capillary Chromatography (capillary zone electrophoresis)
MECCMiddle East Council of Churches
MECCMinnesota Educational Computing Corporation (educational software company)
MECCMiddle East Call Centre (trade show)
MECCMaastricht Exhibition and Congress Centre
MECCMobile Expandable Container Configuration (shelter)
MECCMelbourne Exhibition & Convention Centre (Australia)
MECCMilitary Education Coordination Council
MECCMilitary Education Coordination Conference (now Military Education Coordination Council)
MECCMedical Education and Communication Company
MECCMetropolitan Emergency Communications Center (New Albany, OH)
MECCMelbourne Exhibition & Conference Centre (Melbourne, Australia)
MECCMetropolitain East Communication Center (Gahanna, OH)
MECCMinimal Extra Corporeal Circuit
MECCMinimum Essential Communications Capability
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Locally sourced raw materials--three different concrete sands, three different mix proportions, and two different fibers--were used to develop 18 different MECC mixes.
The MECC provides the ecumenical thread in the region, with most major churches there as members.
Because MECC provides excess workers' compensation insurance, the company often isn't notified of a loss by a customer until it is clear that payment will exceed self-insured retentions.
MECC is the main annual conference cum exhibition for the call centre industry in the Middle East region.
Naresh Kothari, Managing Directo, Intertec, said that, having been in the market since 1991, the systems integrator's participation at MECC 2013 highlighted its growing interest in call centre solutions.
Sinosteel MECC, established in 1972, is a group member of Sinosteel Corporation (Sinosteel), a leading producer of iron and steel.
Utech Europe 2012, organized by Urethanes Technology International, will take place April 17-19 at the MECC in Maastricht, The Netherlands.
Botanical families, species and voucher number of the plants used in this study Family Species Abbreviation Number Euphorbiaceae Croton campestris MECC #7095 Boraginaceae Cordia verbenacea MECV #044171 Lamiaceae Ocimum gratissimum MEOG #3978 Family Herbarium Euphorbiaceae UFRN Boraginaceae Prisco Bezerra-UFC Lamiaceae Dardano Andrade Lima-URCA Table II Diameter of Inhibition zones (mm) derived of light-mediated antimicrobial activity of methanol extracts from Croton campestris, Ocimum gratissimum and Cordia verbenaceae SA6538 UV- UV+ Enhancement (%) MECC 5 [+ or -] 0 8 [+ or -] 0 60 MEOG 5 [+ or -] 0 12 [+ or -] 2 140 MECV 5 [+ or -] 0 12 [+ or -] 0 140 NOR (a) 26 [+ or -] 1 35.
The Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem made his accusation during a conference for MECC on April 19.
suma de gl Media F cuadrados cuadratica Factor de Inter-grupos 0,431 2 0,215 81,474 Conversion Intra-grupos 0,164 62 0,003 MECC a Total 0,594 64 [m.
Meeting annually with representatives from every JPME institution, the purpose of the council is "to address key educational issues of interest to the joint education community, promote cooperation and collaboration among the MECC member institutions, and coordinate joint education initiatives.
MECC ALTE (UK) Limited, the UK division of the family-owned Italian power generation manufacturing giant, Mecc Alte Spa, has announced that they have received a significant order for a selection of their power generation alternators, from a leading generator manufacturer, Allam Marine Limited.