MECCSMiddle East Cultural and Charitable Society (Cambridge, MA)
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At MECCS, the land is the first classroom and allows our children to live the experiences of our ancestors--to smell the smoke, to feel the wind, to plan for the rain and to bring in wood.
That approach guides a part of the MECCS evaluation project as mandated by the Alberta Learning Charter School Handbook (2002).
The group of parents and educators who established MECCS wanted to educate their children through traditional indigenous approaches to learning and growing.
MECCS does not follow a traditional school calendar.
As a result, programs at MECCS are planned around interactive learning activities that focus on a holistic, visual, and team approach to education.
The MECCS staff believes that programs and activities should respect individual needs and help reveal the wealth of knowledge that is already present in each student.
It is through this knowing that the walking, hearing, speaking students in the grade five class at MECCS love and respect one of their classmates, who is deaf and confined to a wheelchair.
At MECCS, the focus is on respect rather than authoritarian discipline, and the school day incorporates a cohesive community-oriented environment focusing on harmony, cooperation, and group work.
Not only does pharma fund the MECCS who organize the CME, the academics who deliver the CME, and the offices that certify the CME, it also funds the professional societies that require the CME.
The pharmaceutical industry puts up the money, usually in the form of an "unrestricted educational grant." The grant goes to a for-profit medical education and/or communications company (MECC), which, in consultation with its pharma sponsor, puts together an "educational program." (2) The company and the MECC recruit academic physicians to deliver the program in return for a small cut of the grant.
Pharma pays the MECC; the MECC puts together the articles; academic physicians are paid to sign onto the articles, and the MECC places the articles in medical journals.