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MECHSMission Early College High School (El Paso, TX)
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The mech design on the other hand comes from Hollywood SFX man Vitaly Bulgarov, reports The Next Web.
Bulgarov envisions this mech to provide heavy-lifting support for rescue missions in extreme conditions.
This mistake would later prove to be disastrous--the LPO was telling the mechs to drop the port-engine bay-door (64L) as soon as possible.
Boasting full Xbox Live compatibility with a multi-player online mode and a variety of exciting missions, the new GunGriffon: Allied Strike offers an exhilarating and realistic war spin on Mech action games.
Steel Battalion players operate a strategic battle mech weapon through 12 action-packed levels, fending off dozens of adversaries while attempting to diffuse a riot that has ensued on a Pacific island ruled by a military dictatorship.