MECIDSMiddle East Consortium on Infectious Disease Surveillance
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8 Specifically, CORDS contributes to the development and growth of MBDS, MECIDS and other multi-country networks by convening representatives from the networks on a regular basis and, between face-to-face-meetings, engaging the networks in interim communication through use of a private wiki (9) and other online tools.
At the 2010 annual CORDS conference, representatives from Pakistan's Ministry of Health and the Public Health Foundation of India met with representatives from MBDS, MECIDS, SACIDS, NTI, The Rockefeller Foundation, Google and the Wildlife Trust to discuss the need for a South Asian network, how to develop such a network (for example, how to leverage existing mechanisms and resources), and next steps.
This work was undertaken as part of CORDS with the Regional Networks APEIR, EAIDSNet, MBDS, MECIDS, SACIDS and SEE.