MECNMassachusetts Education Computer Network (Massachusetts Higher Education Coordinating Council)
MECNMarine Environmental Change Network (UK)
MECNMobile Extended Corporate Network (telecommunications; Germany)
MECNMiddle East Carrier Network (Dubia, UAE)
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The HFD mice were then treated with either MECN for an additional 3 weeks and examined for changes in the body weight and biochemical parameters.
A Santiago Villamarin (MECN), Vladimir Carvajal (MEPN), Fabiola Montenegro (MGO-UCE), Olivier Montreuil y Antoine Mantilleri (MNHN), Maria Fernanda Salazar, Carlos Carpio y Alvaro Barragan (MQCAZ) por facilitar algunos especimenes revisados en este trabajo.
Given the fact that (i) pain transmission is a complex process that involves activation of a plethora of signaling cascades by various mediators through numerous receptors at the peripheral and central levels and (ii) currently available analgesics are associated with adverse effects that may overshadowed their effectiveness, the present study was carried out with an aim of further elucidating the mechanisms of antinociception exerted by MECN using various nociceptive models in mice.
Caption: FIGURE 6: Recoveries of selected polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) from fish, attained using QuEChERS with AOAC extraction salt (QuEChERS AOAC), QuEChERS with EN extraction salt (QuEChERS EN), Soxhlet with hexane, and accelerated solvent extraction (ASE) with C[H.sub.2][Cl.sub.2] : MeCN (9 : 1), according to data in [36].
Agradezco profundamente a Victor Pacheco (MUSM, Museo de Historia Natural UNMSM), Santiago Burneo (QCAZ, Museo de Zoologia de la Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Ecuador) y Jorge Brito (MECN, Museo Ecuatoriano de Ciencias Naturales) por permitirme acceder a los especimenes de las Colecciones cientificas de las que son responsables.
The chromatographic step was performed with a constant flow rate of 0.2 ml/min and a 45 min linear gradient from solvent A to solvent B (95% MeCN (v/v), 0.5% (v/v) HCOOH in water).
In vivo ME values ([ vivo]) and in vitro ME values (MEcn and MEADF) of caramba fresh, silage and hay are given in Table 3.
Gel pieces were repeatedly destained and washed sequentially in 80% acetonitrile (MeCN) and 50mM ammonium bicarbonate buffer (ABC buffer; pH >7.9), dehydrated (80% MeCN), reduced (10 mM DTT in ABC buffer), alkylated (20 mM iodoacetamide in ABC buffer), washed repeatedly, and vacuum-dried.
Its heavily eroded surface is rugged by canyons (quebradas) that constitute the basins of the Chiche and San Pedro Rivers draining the central Andean Highlands of the Pichincha Province toward the Pacific Ocean (MECN 2010).